About D and D Divers

“Working in Zero Visibility is our business…providing 100% professional service to you the customer is our promise”

D and D Divers Inc. was founded in 1996 by David Perrin and Danny Odell. Our company initially provided ship husbandry services to the many boat companies in the gulf coast area. Over time, D and D Divers Inc. began to expand its services in the commercial diving industry. We now offer services that are available 24 hours a day that include but not limited to: ship husbandry, pipeline jetting, marine salvage, inspection and consultation.

Safety is the primary goal with D and D Divers. Our objective with every project is to “plan your dive and dive your plan”. We recognize that every time a diver enters the water, there is an inherent risk. Therefore, our crews follow strict safety guidelines which ensures that everyone returns home safely. Our equipment is routinely inspected and serviced to eliminate the possibility of potential failure. Our diving packages are equipped with tertiary back-up systems which allows the diver to always have an adequate supply of breathing air.

D and D Divers - Gulf Coast Commerical Diving

D and D Divers

“Gulf Coast Commercial Diving”

Services include, but not limited to: